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Features of the coupling device: improve motor start-up ability, protect motor, prevent overload, reduce shock and vibration, and coordinate multi-machine driven load distribution.
Application of coupler: various kinds of machines, such as conveyor, ball mill, crane, mixer, excavator and tower machine.
Selection: the type of the coupling can be selected according to the speed and power of the motor without any special requirements.
Coupling principle of work: work is through the coupling of liquid transfer, prime mover () motor or engine driven pump wheel will be prime mover's mechanical energy into work specially the kinetic energy of the liquid, the working medium impact turbine, turbine and then working liquid kinetic energy into mechanical energy.
What role: coupling it with high efficiency, simple structure, smooth starting to drive load, reduce the current impact on power grid, and improve startup performance, improve the starting ability, has the overload protection function, can isolate torsional vibration and impact, in more than one equilibrium in motor drive chain of the motor load.China Constant Filling Fluid Coupling With Water Media
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