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Product name:Hot melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Product no.:OODA-2045
Appearance:White Block
Softening point:95℃ ±3℃
Peelable strength:2.55Kg / in up
Components:Thermoplastic Polymer.
Features:Low temperature resistance (minus 25℃) / Good Water Resistance. / Good Age Resistance. / Good Oxidation Resistance.
ApplicationTongueeelable label /Carton Packing / Back Adhesive of plastic floor tile / Wood industry craft packing and sealing. / Label.
Packing & StoragePaper carton packing, 500g / block, 20Kg / carton. Stored in a cool and dry place, storage period is two years.
Waste Disposal Methods
Waste Disposal Methods1.Refer to relevant laws to deal with.
2.According to the conditions of warehouse to store the wastes to be processed.
3.Using specific incineration or sanitary landfill to deal with the wastes.China Clear Glue Stick
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