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Nickel-titanium Memory Alloy wire
CommodityNickel-titanium Memory Alloy wire
StandardASTM F2063
TechniqueRolling and drawing
LengthAs your requests
SurfacePolished, burnished, pickling
Advantage1. Shape memory
2. Super elastic
3. Intra-oral temperature sensitivity
4. Excellent corrosion resistance features
5. Mithridatism
6. Gentle corrective force
7. Good damping properties
Applicationcell phone antenna, children's toys, experimental materials, glasses leg, women bra, Women's Sports Central, arch wires, instruments, and medical equipment, such as surgical stitching wire, birth control loop and other areas of high-quality memory alloy wire.
Product show
ni-ti wire
ni-ti wire
ni-ti wire
Production Process
Advantages of Titanium materials
Six Characters of Titanium
1.High StrengthTitanium strength/density ratio is better than other metals, components with high strength, good rigidity, less weight can be made out of titanium. Titanium is applied for aircrafts engines, frames, skins, fasteners and landing gears.
2.Anti-CorrosionCompared with stainless steel, titanium alloy's corrosion is better in moisture laden air, seawater, titanium greatly resists spot corrosion, acid corrosion and stress corrosion. Titanium resists corrosions to alkali, chloride, chlorinated organic substances, sulfuric acid, nitric acid.
3.High-Temperature ResistanceTitanium application temperature's higher than aluminum alloys. Titanium can work in 450-500℃ for long time. Titanium alloy still process high strength when working in 150-500℃. Titanium working temperature can be reached to 500℃
4.Low Temperature ResistanceTitanium alloys still owns its mechanical properties when working in low or super low temperature conditions. Titanium alloys with low-temperature resistance and extra low interstitial still possess good ductility, therefore, titanium alloy is sort of good low temperature structural material.
5.Eco-Friendly MetalThermal conductivity of titanium is lower than carbon steel or copper, but titanium owns very good corrosion resistance, therefore, titanium thickness can be greatly reduced, also the heat exchange mode is dropwise condensation between titanium and steam. This kind of mode reduces heat transfer resistance, no fouling on titanium surface, which makes titanium thermal conductivity better.
6.Good Thermal ConductivityTitanium is non-magnetic metal, it can't be magnetized in large magnetic field, also titanium is toxic-free and compatibility with blood, there, titanium is applied in medical field.

Packing and delivering
Packing Details: inside the plastic bag or carton packaging, outside the wooden box packaging, or upon request.Delivery Details: 3-30 days after ordering
Company information
1. We have a large varieties of products in stock.
2.We have higher standard equipment.

3.We deserve the trust of clients home and abroad.
We are looking forward to your inquiring.China Nickel-Titanium manufacturers
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